Camel Safaris in Bikaner

Half Day Safari

2 hour Camel Safari without Transport
*Starts from camel point to the village, Two hours Camel Ride with village visit, One or two person per camel depends on your Availability of camels.

INR 1200 per person

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Full Day Safari

Full Day and Night Safari, sleep in Desert under the Stars or Egloo Camping Tent
*Starts from camel point to the village, Morning Breakfast, Two hours camel ride before lunch, We serve Lunch under the shady tree in the desert, After lunch 2 hour ...

INR 1800 per person

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Half Day Safari with transport

2 hour Camel Safari with Transport & Dinner
*Starts from camel point to the village, Two hours Camel Ride with village visit, One or two person per camel depends on your Availability of camels.

INR 2000 per person

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Folk Dance

Rajasthani Folk Dance (minimum 2 pax with full day safari)

INR 3000 per person

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During your Safari you can Visit the following:

  • You can see different Villages.
  • You can see Temples in the Villages.
  • You can see Wildlife i.e. Blue Bull, Deer, Rabbit, Fox, Vulture, and Porter.
  • In some of the Villages you can see how can threat out form the Ship and Goat wool.
  • Some time jeepceas.
  • If you are doing long safari you can learn HINDI from the Camel mans and you can watch how they Cook the Food.

A Camel covers five / six kms. per hour and we are offering two hours ride each before and after lunch.

Before taking the Safari Tour with us we will appreciate to take few suggestions in to account :

  • Off-course the western Rajasthan is the biggest semi-arid strech in India, it is not exactly covered by the pristine sand dunes what one may come across in Egypt and Saudiarbia. The sand dunes are scattered all over in patches, when the Mansoon is good there is always Brush and Bush on the ground, which may sometimes last for a couple of years. That makes the THAR DESERT an Ideal place to explore the flora and fauna of the region.

  • India is one of the fastest growing economy country in the world, lots of development has taken place during last two decades to reach out the basic facilities to the remotes helmets in the country sides. One should expect to cross some country side narrow roads during your Camel Safari for the longer duration safaris one should not be surprised to cross a few Railway treks too.

  • The economy condition of the villagers has considerably improved while visiting the villages during the Camel Safari it can easily be noticed that the new houses are being constructed with cement and stone. There are still some old fashioned phased houses built in the traditional old style left to be visited.

  • After the telecommunication revolution in India in 1990's almost whole of India is covered by the mobile network almost 90% of Indian people carry mobile phones in their pockets to communicate. We make an effort to use the mobile phones only in emergency time during the Camel Safari. We instruct our camel men to keep their mobile phones on silent mode during the Camel Safari.