“Led by Yogi Singh Rathore, CAMEL SAFARI organizes Desert Safaris since 1993 and offers accommodation in his own guesthouse in Bikaner, a quiet home where you can experience the true Indian lifestyle.
Our excellent reviews on Tripadvisor (“Camel Safari”) will probably convince you more than anything we can write… Nevertheless, we also kindly advise you to read carefully the following before you make your (good) choice.”

Desert Camp

Camel Safari in Bikaner runs its own base camp, as only 4 or 5 operators do in Bikaner. Please be aware that most of the desert market players don’t. Thus they have no real control on what they sell you.
Camel Safari’s camp is one of the most authentic, and at the same time the one offering the best comfort. You can choose between a Luxury Swiss tent and a beautiful mud cottage, both featuring plenty of space and an attached bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin. All traditionally designed and built.
The camp is equipped with solar panels and the quietest generator you can find in Bikaner (running with petrol instead of diesel). Electricity is thereby available with no restriction.

Mobile camps (for multi-day safaris)

Whereas many operators provide only a very thin mattress, Camel Safari’s prices include full equipment: an “igloo” (Canadian) tent and a real, swiss tent & mud cottage with attached bathroom ,elevated bed (to avoid insects and snakes if lying on the sand).

Your desert experience

Our safaris follow various routes to avoid crossing other travellers. Only in Bikaner you can experience that feeling of being alone in the desert!
The Thar Desert may be different from what you have in mind: you will see sand and sand dunes, but mostly with bush vegetation. There is no place with only sand in India. Should you see one, please be aware that it has been artificially cleared for tourists, thus degrading soils and killing wildlife. These cuts are forbidden in Bikaner, and it is your best chance to see antelopes, eagles, foxes, owls, birds and many others animals.
You’ll pass real, authentic villages inhabited by local people living their traditional life. Sometimes with a little more modernity than what you probably expect, since India is developing quickly… But this is today’s authentic India!

Camel guides

Camel Safaris in Bikaner selects real professionals who deeply know about the desert and the camels. We pay special attention to their kind and respectful attitude towards tourists, and especially towards female ones.
Being real local people, they speak only basic English. It is usually enough to show you about camels and surrounding nature. Additional, fluent in English guides are available on request.

Camel Cart

Camel Safaris in Bikaner is one of the few operators who includes a camel cart for each safari (for full day or longer). Thus we can carry complete equipment, as well as your luggage, and you can seat in the cart if you feel tired or uncomfortable on the camel back.


Children of any age are welcome. The youngest can ride with a responsible adult, or they can sit in the camel cart.
Children under 6 years old are completely free of charge if riding with an adult.
Children between 6 and 12 years old get 50% discount.

Physical condition

No specific condition is required. In case you would feel tired or uncomfortable on the camel, you can seat and rest in the camel cart at any moment.

Food, meals

Camel Safaris in Bikaner is proud to be one of the rare operators serving real Indian meals, cooked at the moment with fresh ingredients of the best quality. You are welcome if you wish to participate to learn about Indian cuisine.


Mineral water is included with no restriction (whereas many operators will limit your consumption and charge heavily for additional bottles).
We most of the time are able to keep the bottles cool.
Beers, soft drinks and others can be available at low prices on previous request (before departure).


It is wise to compare prices… but don’t forget to compare what they include. For the same price, you can be offered highly variable quality regarding meals, accommodation, facilities, guide’s attitude… These may appear as details, but these details will make the difference for an unforgivable, unique experience.
Check also carefully what is included or not, since you may be charged heavily for the “extras”.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to know about our discounts, depending on various criteria and mainly on the number of camels needed.


Each and every detail of your safari can be adapted to your needs and wishes.
While booking you can add:
- Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner
- Accommodation in a Luxury Swiss tent or in a charming mud hut, all with attached
private bathroom
- Campfire at night. Traditional dances and music
- Transportation between Bikaner city and Camel Point
Please contact us for any other request.